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We provide an extensive array of premium-quality resources for FiveM, catering to both legal and illicit requirements. We are committed to developing unique assets that elevate the role-playing experience in a truly immersive way. 

Instant Delivery

Purchased assets are delivered instantly through Cfx.re Keymaster.

Secured Content

Assets have security & license from Cfx.re, with Tebex ownership validation.

Quality Assets

Highly optimized assets, built with outstanding quality and with no impacts on performance.

Easy Setup

Customize assets to your preferences very easily with our many configurations.

Frequent Updates

Assets are updated frequently and occasionally new features are introduced.

Customer Support

Comprehensive documentation with guides and professional support through Discord.




The scripts the T1GER produces are some of the best scripts around, the attention to detail and the depth that the scripts go into for RP is amazing, the Support is top notch, always someone to lend a hand and issues are always resolved in quick time!! the issues them selves are very minor and hardly run into any, if your considering buying but not quite decided if you should, i can assure you that you wont be disappointed!!



Scripts are amazingly-made and you can feel the hard work put into them. Everything is well explained on their documentation and as I needed their support for a quick question, I was answered with very friendly support and good vibes.



A very professional person and very attentive to his customers. I encountered some problems during the installation of one of its scripts and was able to guide me to solve my problems. These scripts are a true masterpiece, I really recommend!

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