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This is a complex gang-system resource, which is a "must-have" on your FiveM roleplay server. This will ultimately enhance roleplay for those involved in gang-related activities, with possibilities to build up a notorious gang using a reputation system, taking control of rackets to make an income and at the same time keeping rival gangs from your businesses. As a side-hustle, gang-members can sling drugs, collect protection money or take drives as a chauffeur for the prostitution racket.


Watch the video below to learn more about the resource and see the features for yourself: click here.


Brief summary of the core features in this resource, otherwise this will be a never-ending list. The YouTube Showcase video above gives you a very good idea of what this resource has to offer!

Admin Gang Menu - Can be accessed by command/keybind. They can either create gangs or view created gangs and manage these. When selecting a created gang, admins can:

  • Notoriety - Plus or minus notoriety points to a gang's reputation.
  • Cash - Add or remove cash from the gang's cash locker.
  • Enable/Disable - Do you want to punish your gang and restrict all their access? No need to delete the gang, simply disable until you enable it again.
  • Change Leader - Change the gang leader to a new one.
  • Delete Gang - Completely delete the gang.

Player Gang Menu - Can be accessed by command/keybind. This can only be performed by gang-members and the menu is permission based on ranks. These ranks have perms; rank-1 (leaders), rank-2 (underbosses) and rank-3 (shot-caller).  Some of the possibilities from this menu are:

  • Gang Details - View details about your gang.
  • Gang Members - View & manage gang members. Rank-3 can only view and kick, where as rank-1 and rank-2 can promote/demote gang-members.
  • Invite Member - Invite members to your gang, the target-player has to accept/deny the invitation. This can also be done by rank-3.
  • Ranks - Gang-members with rank-1 & rank-2, can manage the rank names to suit their gang's preferences. You can add as many ranks as you want inside config, the gang decides how many and which ranks to use.
  • Marker Management - Create marker for garage, stash and cash-locker. Customizable drawMarker. Set a pin-code or leave it empty to access the marker. If the pin-code is shared with non-gang-members, then they'll have access too. You can change the pin-code. Possibility to delete marker and create elsewhere incase gang is moving HQ. Configurable cooldown when deleting a marker for a new one of same type to be created (prevent power-gaming). Creating markers costs notoriety points to make sure the gang really build up their reputation before gaining access to the goods!
  • Jobs- Gang members can request jobs to do from the notorious contract NPC or they can cancel an ongoing job. Currently the only missions/jobs are prostitution drives as chauffeur (as more rackets are added in the future, more jobs will be added).
    • Prostitution Jobs - Gang member must pickup a hooker and drop her off at her client's destination. During the drive, player must ensure that vehicle engine is not damaged above configurable %, else the job will cancel, the hooker will run away and the gang loses notoriety. If job is completed in order, then gang receives +notoriety.
  • Action Menu - To interact with players but each action requires a minimum pts. of notoriety in the gang. So they got to work hard in order to use the action menu thoroughly. 

Action Menu - Gang members can use their action menu if there is a nearby player. This offers a variety of features, such as:

  • Zip Tie - Tie a player's hands with zip-ties using nice animations. Requires item in inventory that will be removed. 
  • Remove Zip Tie - Untie player's hands and receive the zip-tie item back in your inventory.
  • Escort - Escort a zip-tied player. Shows animation on the escorting player and the escorted player walks/runs depending on motion state of the escorting player.
  • Vehicle In/Out - Put players into vehicles or pull them out. Door must be open and the vehicle must be unlocked. 
  • Trunk In/Out - Put players into a trunk or pull them out. Trunk door must be open and the vehicle must be unlocked. The player inside the trunk cannot see anything. 
  • Hostage- Take players as hostage while using a gun. 
    • Release - Let the hostage go.
    • Kill - Kill the hostage. 
  • Headbag - Put headbag onto zip-tied players using a nice animation. The "headbagged" player will not see anything but the inside of the headbag. Also spawns a headbag prop on the target player.

Drug Sale - Players can sling drugs to NPC's using target system. Configurable base sell prices, sell chances and sell amounts for each drug. If player is inside a defined hot-street for the specific drug, then a bonus will be added to the unit sell price. If there is required police online for the specific drug then an additional bonus will be added to the unit sell price. On failed drug sales there are chances that the NPC will call the police by doing animation, player must take out the NPC to prevent the police alert. If police are being called gang loses notoriety, else with successful drug sales gang-members can build up their gang's notoriety reputation. 

Rackets - Interact with the notorious contract NPC to claim or withdraw rackets. If a racket has been claimed by a gang, other gangs cannot claim this racket, until the current gang withdraws from it. This will certainly create some rivalry between gangs and make them eager to fight for rackets. Claiming rackets costs notoriety points.

  • Protection Money - If a gang has the protection racket, they go to shops (add more shops in config), request a collection, wait x amount of time and then collect the protection money. However, other gang-members or players can also collect the protection money, so you better protect the store!

Fully Synced - The resource is fully synced between players.

Optimized - Resource runs at 0.00 ms at idle and up to in interactions 0.02-0.06 ms.

Translation - Easily translate the resource to your preferred language by editing language.lua.

MultiChar - Works flawlessly with default ESX & QB Core multicharacter-system. 

Police Alerts - Are integrated or you can easily setup your own.

Requirements & Notes


  • ESX (1.1, 1.2, and all [Legacy]( versions)
  • Official [QBCore](



FiveM's escrow system - Majority of the code is accessible. Server Artifact Version 4752 or higher is required. 

OneSync - Supports: Legacy, Infinity & Disabled

Target - Supports; ox-target, q-target, qb-target and meta-target

Inventory - Supports: ox-inventory, qs-inventory, mf-inventory and qb-inventory.

Documentation -


Gang System

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