Tuning System


Please be advised, this asset is a pre-release. This asset is fundamentally working but there are still some features being worked on that are going to be implemented into this resource. Beware before buying:

  • There is no deadline/eta on arrival of the new features.
  • There may be bugs/errors that cannot be instantly fixed due to the fact the script is being worked on intensively with new features. 
  • It is a pre-release/beta, so advised to only use in developer environment. 
  • Please read the whole product description thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.


This is a unique tuning system resource, which is a "must-have" on your FiveM roleplay server. This will ultimately enhance roleplay for those involved in real life experience with tuning and customizing related interactions, with possibilities to run and manage a tuner shop, in-depth customization and tuning.


Video will be generated when asset is officially released. For now, please read the product description thoroughly and if any pre-purchase questions, do not hesitate to ask us before purchasing. 

Current Features

Brief summary of the core features in this resource, otherwise this will be a never-ending list.  

  • Create as many shops in config & customize blip, shop name and job. The job must be created before hand. The script will auto use the given job grades etc. for the job in question. 
  • Each shop comes with these markers, however you can enable/disable markers for each shop as you please. You can also customize blip, keybind, marker type etc. for each marker.
    • Duty marker to clock in on the defined job for the shop or clock off as unemployed. 
    • Boss marker to manage employees (recruit, promote/demote, fire) and accounts (deposit/withdraw/balance). 
    • Storage marker to deposit & withdraw items.
    • Garage marker to park & retrieve personal owned vehicles. Easily integrate your own garage system using t1ger-lib (all code/function open)
    • Workbench marker to craft mod items. In config you can add/remove items and customize (recipes) required materials and amounts. 
    • Laptop marker to order mod parts and as alternative solution to crafting. Define prices for each item in the config. 
    • Modshop marker to customize/respray/upgrade vehicle the standard way like 'esx-lscustom' or 'qb-custom'.
  • You can allow specific mod categories for each tuner shop in the config, which will allow you to create shops with specialties, such as: respray shop, performance shop, cosmetic shop or light shop and so on.
    • The script comes with pre-defined mod categories, which are: 'performance', 'respray', 'bodyworks', 'chassis', 'enginebay', 'exterior', 'interior', 'lights' and 'wheels'.
    • In config you can select what mods goes into what category.
  • All GTA tuning options including DLC mods, except for latest GTA:Online Chop Shop update.
  • Supports chameleon, utils and worn paint jobs and RGB colors with RGB color picker tool. 
  • All mod prices are based on the vehicle price, which is fetched from either database table, handling.meta or lua file (example qb/shared/vehicles.lua). In config you can set % price for each and every mod. 
    • Please note, you have to update t1ger-lib with whatever database table name and columns you are using or whatever lua file and export you have. If no vehicle price is found on the vehicle in question, it will use a default vehicle price, set in config.
  • Each mod variant increases in price as you browse down the list, you can configure % to increase price or disable this feature. 
  • Mod Shop Marker Customization/Tuning
    • Works similarly to esx-lscustom and/or qb-custom. 
    • Menu based mod menu to customize/upgrade vehicles.
    • Only mod categories specified in the shop's config are visible.
    • Set % multiplier to all mod prices, to encourage players to RP with tuners instead of solo customization. 
    • Live preview while browsing mods and prices for each mod displayed. 
    • Player will be charged instantly when accepting and installing a selected mod. 
    • Define % of the paid price that goes into the shop's account, the rest will "vanish" from the server.
  • Item based mod installation with prop animations.
    • Each mod category has a respective item, which must be crafted at the workbench or purchased from the shop's laptop. Price for each item is configurable. 
    • Tuner simply uses the item next to a vehicle and the given mods in the category will be displayed. Tuner then selects a mod and mod variants will be shown in a menu with price. 
    • The price simulates cost of part acquisition and labor fees - technically this price is the mod % of the vehicle price and the config price of the item in use. 
    • While browsing through the mod variants, it will live preview on the vehicle and sync to all nearby players. 
    • When installing a mod, tuner will have the item removed, the price removed from the shop account or tuner bank (configurable) and a prop spawns in the hands of the tuner. You can specify prop, offset and animation for each and every mod in the config. 
    • Tuner must then target the vehicle with 3rd at the interaction point (hood, trunk, side or wheel), complete a skillcheck (configurable) and then the animation of installation begins. After animation, the vehicle properties will immediately update with the newly installed mod.
    • During mod installation, the tuner can use keybinds(configurable) to open doors, hood and trunk if necessary. 
  • Tuners can also 3rd a vehicle and examine it's performance upgrades, such as: engine, brakes, transmission, suspension, turbo and armor. 
  • Tuners can create simple bills with amount, a target id and a custom note and view paid bills. 
  • Tuners can also generate a bill by selecting a plate from the menu (requires item based mods to be installed on a vehicle) and send them to a given target id. Installed mods, prices etc. will be automatically added to the bill, so the tuner does not need to type in all that manually!
  • View the config file to see all options to manage. Mods file is only available when u have the asset, but you can see all animations and props and set base price in there. Pretty simple and straight forward. 

Features To Be Added

Brief summary of the features planned to be added and included in this asset no matter the date of purchase. Also note, all suggestions and feature requests are more than welcome on the official discord. Once these bullets have been added to the resource, the script will launch official with professional showcase video and CFX forum post. Bullets marked with blue are features that are considered but not guaranteed. 

  • Context menu based Dyno Laptop to adjust vehicle handling.meta such as acceleration, brake and power. 
  • Engine swaps with nice animations/props to alter engine/exhaust sounds based on GTA sounds.
  • Drift Tires to allow "drift" mode. 
  • Nitrous with purge effects. 
  • NPC jobs for tuners to earn money when no customers around in the shops. 
  • Wheel stance/camber. 
  • Custom streamed engine/exhaust sound.
  • UI for Dyno Laptop



  • T1GER Library [required]
  • OX Library [required]
  • Target System (ox_target, qb-target or meta-target)
  • Inventory System (ox_inventory, qb-inventory, qs-inventory, mf-inventory or default esx menu inventory)


FiveM's escrow system - Server Artifact Version 4752 or higher is required. 

OneSync - Supports: Legacy, Infinity & Disabled

Target - Supports; ox-target, qb-target and meta-target

Inventory - Supports: ox-inventory, qs-inventory, mf-inventory and qb-inventory.

Documentation - https://docs.t1ger.net/resources/t1ger-tuning-system/

Item Icons - All icons for the default items are included. 

Fully Synced - The resource is fully synced between players.

Optimized - Resource runs at 0.00 ms at idle and can run up to 0.02-0.04 ms in interactions .

Translation - Easily translate the resource to your preferred language by editing language.lua.

MultiChar - Works flawlessly with default ESX & QB Core multicharacter-system.


Tuning System

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